Energy Storage Applications

Release time:2023.04.12 Article Source:Longt energy storage

1. Energy Storage Market Overview

In recent years, energy storage demonstration projects for various application scenarios have been gradually implemented, market rules for the energy storage industry have gradually formed, and energy storage related standards are becoming more perfect. The energy storage industry is steadily moving towards large-scale market applications..

2. Development of Energy Storage Industry

The integration of energy storage systems, an important aspect of the energy storage industry, is receiving increasing attention from the industry, and many enterprises have also begun to enter the energy storage system integration business. Longtech and Ruixing spent 4 months jointly developing home energy storage battery packs (48V102A, 51.2V102A, 51.2V200A, and other products). Currently, the products are being sold in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Customers have reported that the product quality is satisfying and after-sales service is accessable. Longtech has strict shipping standards; The quality assurance department has established standardized inspection procedures, equipped with comprehensive testing methods, and conducted strict inspections in accordance with the procedures. Every step of product quality testing is carried out well, and no unqualified product is allowed to leave the factory.