R&D Team
Bringing together cutting-edge experts and implementing innovation-driven strategies
Since its inception, Longtech has placed significant importance on platform construction and talent reserves. We have also established collaborative relationships with several high-tech enterprises including Realtek, Lifesmart, AMICCOM, and Active-semi.
R&D technical staff comprise 15% of the company's total workforce
Over 10 years of industry-specific research and development experience
5% of annual sales are dedicated to research and development
Hardware Strength
6 Major Laboratories Providing Robust Technical Research and Development Support
Longtech Intelligent Technology Center boasts top-tier domestic and international software and hardware development environments. It's equipped with development tools from ARM, SIEMENS, MICROHIP, ST, and testing equipment from R&S, KEYSIGHT, KEYTEK, and ORBOTECH. This formidable hardware capability meets the demands of ongoing innovation in manufacturing processes, ensuring the company's sustained technological advantage.
EMI Laboratory
High and low-temperature cycling, thermal shock, temperature and humidity cycling testing
EMC Laboratory
EEMS immunity testing, ESD, EFT, lightning, voltage dips
Aging laboratory
EMI interference test, CE power disturbance
Comprehensive laboratory
Software debugging, hardware testing
EMC Laboratory
EEMS immunity testing, ESD, EFT, lightning, voltage dips
Safety laboratory
Safety test, environmental protection test
ODM Capability
One-stop service encompassing design and development, ensuring clients' research and production cycle requirements.
Hardware Development
Design requirement analysis, schematic design, component selection, PCB design, process documentation.
Software Development
Low-level driver software development, including microcontroller, ARM, and other embedded platform software.
Complete Solutions
Product appearance design, product structural design, product UI packaging design, product brand planning.
Comprehensive ODM Solutions
We provide a complete package, eliminating the need for clients to invest in new research equipment and thus shortening the development cycle.
Technical Advantages
Longtech fully understands international technical standards and design norms, and has mastered core technologies in key areas such as motor control, Bluetooth communication, and photovoltaic energy storage. Possessing all critical technologies and independent intellectual property related to our products, the total number of patent applications is 84, including 37 invention patents and 33 utility model patents.
24 Core Technologies

Multi-cell Lithium Battery Charging Control Technology

Solar Photovoltaic Charging Technology

Platform Modular Design Technology

Micro-inverter Technology for Photovoltaic Grid Connection

Portable Outdoor Energy Storage Technology


BMS Power Management
BMS (Battery Management System) intelligently manages and maintains each battery cell, monitors battery status, and ensures safe and stable battery operation.