5Key Quality Stages Throughout the Process
The quality team members comprise 10% of the company's workforce, ensuring product quality.
Concept Planning Phase

Market Research Report

Project Approval Application

Project Schedule

New Product Development Task

Product Reliability And Quality Objectives

Product Design Phase

List Of Special Characteristics


Engineering Specification


Sample Control Plan

Product Acknowledgement


Process Design Phase

Process Flow Chart


Tooling/Fixture/Test Equipment Requirements

Pilot Production SOP/SIP

MSA Project

SOP Project

Pilot Production Control Plan

Product And Process Validation Phase

NPI Trial Production Summary

MSA Report

SPC Report

Mass Production Control Plan

PPAP Submit

Feedback, Evaluation And Corrective Action Process Stages

Product Reliability Plans & Reports

Mass Production SOP /SIP

Product Delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

3 Quality Checks, Rigorous Quality Control
MES Integrated Management System, Product-Specific QR Codes, Transparent and Traceable Production Process
Raw Material Inspection (IQC)

Delivery from Raw Material Suppliers

Warehouse Dispatch and Receipt

IQC Inspection

Creation of Raw Material Identification Card

Raw Material Storage

In-Process Inspection (IPQC+)

Finished Product Inspection (QA)

Initial Production

Initial Production Confirmation

IPQC Initial Piece Confirmed as Qualified

Batch Production

IPQC Process Inspection

Outgoing Inspection (OQC)

Shipment Notification

Packaging Inspection and Product Data

Visual Inspection

OQC Inspection

Creation of Identification

Visible Inspection, High Quality Within Reach
6 Comprehensive Laboratories, Providing Solid Support for Product Quality
EMI Laboratory
High and Low-Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock, Temperature and Humidity Cycling Testing
EMC Laboratory
EMS Immunity Testing, ESD, EFT, Lightning Strikes, Voltage Dips
Product Lifespan Laboratory
EMI Interference Testing, CE Power Interference Testing
Comprehensive Laboratory
Software Debugging, Hardware Testing
Safety Standards Laboratory
Safety Testing, Environmental Testing
Reliability Laboratory
Mechanical Reliability Testing, Environmental Reliability Testing, Lifespan Reliability Testing
Case Studies in Quality Enhancement
Promoting the "Zero Defect" quality concept, fostering a quality culture of "getting things right the first time"
Quality Improvement for Skewed SK705 Cover and Inconvenient SR Assembly

1. Eliminated the slanted wave on the plug head of the light board, creating more space for the light board to prevent misalignment caused by the plug head being pushed askew when inserting.

2. Widened the vacant space in the SR assembly location for easier alignment.