Comprehensive design and manufacturing services for residential, outdoor, and commercial applications
Commercial & Industrial
Public Utility
Longtech Residential "Solar + Storage" comprehensive solution can be applied to various residential rooftops including farms, villas, sunrooms, and communities, helping users achieve energy independence to the fullest extent.
High-Performance High-Quality Battery
CATL LFP battery features an impressive long lifespan, achieving up to 10,000 full cycles.
Modular Design, Flexible Configuration
Industry-leading modular design makes it easy to expand and install quickly.
Smart Management, Worry-Free
Access your system's performance remotely through a user-friendly app from anywhere.
Multiple Protections
Comprehensive safety measures designed for homeowners to ensure family security.
Utilizing industry-leading modular system configuration, it adapts flexibly to various C&I scenarios, supporting multi-mode operation. Promoting peak shaving, alleviating peak loads, enhancing grid reliability, and improving power quality.
Tier-1 Supply Chain
Established deep cooperation with over 100 high-quality suppliers.
Advanced Technology
Triple BMS design, offering products with voltages up to 2000V.
Experienced Project Delivery Management
We understand a variety of customer needs and possess extensive overseas project experience.
The solution includes integrated battery cabinets, BMS, monitoring systems, specific fire suppression systems, HVAC, PCS, and EMS. Suitable for wind farms, solar farms, schools, research institutes, factories, load centers, and more.
Modular Design
Multiple units can be easily combined to provide the required power for operations.
Quick Deployment
Easy transportation and installation, reducing infrastructure construction costs and time.
High Security
Comprehensive and multi-layered battery protection strategies and fault handling measures.
Flexible Configuration
Compatible with photovoltaics, wind power, and the grid.

Longtech New Energy

Creating a Beautiful Residential Environment

Longtech is a leading lithium battery ESS integration service provider in China, committed to offering global customers technologically advanced and high-performance ESS products. The innovative CM-GTS (Capacity Module Global Rapid Transfer System) assists global partners in swiftly establishing localized production capacity.
  • 2.5GWh
    Annual Production Capacity
  • 1000+
    Total Employees
  • 5
    Factory Locations
  • 400%
    Annual Business Growth
  • 15%
    Research and Development Personnel
  • 100+
    Coverage Across Countries/Regions