Production Capability
Longtech possesses advanced flexible and automated manufacturing capabilities, featuring MES management system along with fully standardized automated production lines + 3D X-Ray. This effectively enhances production flexibility, guarantees product quality, and achieves manufacturing with craftsmanship.
4 major industrial parks, scaled and automated production lines to ensure capacity, with an annual output of over 23 million units.
40+ +25
Powered by 40 SMT production lines and 25 assembly lines with advanced automated production equipment such as YAMAHA, Ersa Selective Soldering, and more.
Jira + MES
Utilizing 4 assessment stages, Craftsmanship Production Management, enabling traceability, digitization, and visualization.
Technical Team
Ensuring efficient production operations and reliable product quality.
Equipment Group
Responsible for equipment upgrades, production line setup, and operational assurance of production equipment. Timely handling of exceptions to achieve improved product yield.
Fixture Group
Evaluation, design, and fabrication of testing fixtures, reflow fixtures, and tooling for all products. Fast response and high precision, eliminating the need for extra purchases.
NPI Group
New Product Introduction project management system and preliminary DFX review. Time/production capacity evaluation, trial production process with SOP standard optimization.
Automation Group
In-house development and production of test fixtures, systems, and visual software. Handling of non-standard equipment spare parts, inventory, and vulnerable components.
Improved automatic soldering machine spot welding process, enabling independent parameters for each solder point. Especially advantageous for thermosensitive and densely pinned components, avoiding the drawbacks of wave soldering and eliminating dependence on soldering iron operators.

Lean Production
Jira+MES Management Philosophy, achieving craftsmanship production management.
Production Management
Visualized automated production scheduling, adapting to diverse production needs.
Material Management
Barcode and QR code enable traceability from raw materials to finished products.
Quality Management
Real-time control of quality inspection process, reducing defect rates.
Equipment Management
Optimizing equipment operational efficiency, conducting predictive maintenance.
Multiple Qualifications, Aligned with International Standards
BSCI, ESD Electrostatic System Standard, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified Company